Blizzard has done it again...revisiting an "ex" is not always bad...

So sometimes you do something for a long time, but then grow tired of it and move on. You tell yourself "well, unless X happens, I wouldn't even consider going back."

Well, "X" looks like it may have happened.

For a long time, I played World of Warcraft. Sure, I wasn't very open about it, and know that it is a hot point among many people for what it has done.

I myself have had two roomates, and known of others, who have dropped out because of WoW. I personally found a good balance, though some of my guildmates would probably argue otherwise.

I had written off WoW about 3~4 months ago. I was bored, and didn't want to invest the time needed to be my guild's main tank for much more than a few Naxx runs. I was completely fine not playing it, and had moved on to other venues happily.

Then today. I am a reader of www.slashdot.org, mostly the games section, and I noticed info on the new expansion pack. The past two have been content hogs, adding many new zones, 10 more levels, and all that goes along with that.

I then kept reading, and almost instantly I knew that what I had once written off was now beckoning me back. Now this is not an old tale of pretending to change and then screwing you over, this was a mechanics change. A return to a simpler time, and a return to the "old world" from vanilla with new content and experiences.

In addition to that, there are now many more options with regard to revisiting old areas due to changes in the way the game works. I have long wanted to Roleplay in the WoW universe, and this provides even more opportunities to do that. In fact, it looks like Blizzard is basically saying:

"Our first expansions were experiments, this next one is the culmanation of our research applied to the place where you probably spent most of your time playing in."

WoW released in late 2004, and recieved the first expansion pack in 2007, the next last year in 2008. This most recent expansion will alter and update content that hasn't been significantly changed since that release date in 2004. Talk about major.

So, in essence, I knew quickly that I would likely return to my ex. Not at this time, but I am watching to see whether they stick through detox and pull through on some of the promises made at this time. If they do, I will be waiting happily on the other side.

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