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chrono - combining form
blip - something relatively small or inconsequential within a larger context

When beginning a discourse, defining terms is always important. I made up and have used this term for a long time now, reserving it for myself in as many places as possible. I will now define the term "chronoblip" and provide some examples in hopes that you may find use of the term.

So, as I have defined it in my mind, a chronoblip is a period of time which is relatively small or inconsequential within a larger context.

What does this mean?

The concept of "love at first sight" is a perfect example of a chronoblip. The time for that "first sight" is quite small, and in comparison to the length of a lifetime, it may seem insignificant. But, during that moment, time may seem to move slowly. It becomes a moment which has significant meaning because of the context.

Another example:

You are working on completing a paper for a class. It is due tomorrow. You go to print, but your mouse won't move. You come to the realization your computer has frozen and you can't remember if you saved recently. While this realization may only take a short time, the effect it has on your actions from that point on is significant.

A chronoblip, then, is that moment in time which is insignificant save the context you place it in. I believe that life is built on these chronoblips, and that they help to provide the context for our personalities to interact with.

Use it, experience them, share them.

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