Done with vacation, back to the grind.

So I was thinking I could do one of these a week, then work got busy, then I went and spent Christmas and New Years down at my folk's place. While down there, I did a lot of R&R, met with an old HS buddy, and had a fun (and big) lunch with my grandma. Oh, also, my first official documented action of 2010?

Beating a boss in Demon's Souls. Timestamp on that trophy is 1/1/10 - 1:03AM. ^_^

I am a gamer. I know that will likely become an issue if I ever do find someone to share my life with, but for now, I am doing just fine. In fact, I am doing more than just fine, I am doing great. Why?

Well, I play WoW. I know, sore topic for a lot of people. I personally know of 3~4 people who dropped out of college because of that game. I never played enough "back in the day" to keep up with my other friends who were in the game - it wasn't until perhaps 2007 that I had my first "max level" character.

These days, I play on a role playing server. This doesn't mean I run around with an old english accent...but a Caribbean Islander one because I play (exclusively) the jungle trolls. I have a rogue, named Sul'Fon, which loosely/speculatively translates to "Lashing wanderer." This name comes from the backstory, which is longer than I want to cover here.

He is a part of a delivery company called the All Azeroth Messenger Service, or the AAMS. We take dangerous jobs delivering all sorts of things to anyone, anywhere in the WoW. And I think that I may be moving up the ranks.

I don't know this for sure, and I have intentionally deflected conversations away from the topic in-game, but my GM has a proposition for my character...and the GM really likes me too. What may happen? Well I have theories, but not enough support outside my own selfish, self-serving ideas ^_^

Still though, if you had a high level manager come to you with a proposition at your real job, you'd get excited too, right? Sure this may just be a videogame, but the excitement regarding the possibilities is there.

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