Camaros. Now with 15% more awesome.

So I had decided to sell off the Jetta. It's a nice car, and got me through a lot, but the long term I just didn't see myself in it. Plus, after my '86 Accord Hatchback, it no longer felt as big inside. I mean that little Accord is just massive inside.

Over Christmas break I got a virus, a bug. It wasn't one that gave me a runny nose, a headache, or a sore throat. It was an idea.

It started while playing GT5. I told my sister to pick out a car from the new car dealerships to be "her car", that I would race with and could take pictures of. We went through pretty much all the cars available in the new car dealership and the one she liked the most?

The new Camaro, in Inferno Orange Metallic.

Now, I was not a fan of these guys. At all. Thought they looked dumb. Didn't like the cheap plastic grill, didn't like the chin, didn't like the "small" rear window, didn't like the hype around them, didn't like that the company that made them went bankrupt and got bailed out.

Then this IOM 2010 SS with white rally stripes. Threw some ground effects on it, a tasteful dovetail spoiler, BBS mesh rims painted white to match the stripes, lowered it.

And I fell in love. To the extent that I didn't really realize how hard I had fallen for the car. I was enamored with it all of the sudden. I began to see the design queues from all the previous generations that had come together to create this new, modern, design.

It got worse. The bug grew and spread slowly until the day I found out that the Camaros came in what is called "Synergy Green Metallic". Then I went terminal.

It was at that point I knew I'd have to have one...

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