Thankful for...

It's that time of year when we traditionally get together as families and also come up with lists of things to be thankful for. While it's been a long time since I've made a list, I decided that since I will be taking this day for my own, I should at least spend some effort to thank those who are important to me. Without further ado:

My mom and dad - thank you for being great parents. While you may not know what things you've done right or wrong, and it may seem like a lot of it was just chance, there is one thing I can guarantee has had an impact, and that was your love for each other.

My sister - thank you for being a great friend and a sounding board for so many different topics. I am also thankful that you're finding success in your own way, and that it's an adventure you're looking forward to instead of dreading.

My boss and my senior lead - thank you for looking out for me at Boeing. You have also provided me with some of the most interesting and challenging opportunities, and have definitely been the reason I've stuck things out this long.

My friends - I really want to thank you all for the companionship and patience you have demonstrated with me. I am at my core an introvert, so learning to be a friend is difficult. I will make mistakes and at times appear counter-productive, but this is not my intent and I am thankful for any understanding you can lend.

My mechanics - thank you guys for working on my cars, and being patient with all my little projects. While it would be easy to rip someone off, I know that you've done all you can to do business honestly, and have earned my gratitude and future business.

My God - well that's between God and me ;)

Thank you all for another wonderful year, and I hope the next one is just as good.

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