(Book Review) SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought Police by Vox Day

I think books can be lumped into two big categories which then further branch out into a near infinite number of branches of varying size: Fiction and Non-Fiction. SJWs Always Lie falls into the latter category, though it often feels like the former, though this is a Rorschach Test on the reader.

Social Justice Warriors Always Lie is not a difficult book to read. The words are simple enough, the concepts explained in terms that even someone completely unfamiliar with the context being discussed can be rapidly brought up to speed.

The challenge with SJWs Always Lie is encapsulated in the question that you have to ask yourself while reading it: "If this is true, what do I do now?"

There is a psychological phenomenon called "projection", which in Modern Culture manifests in how people presume that other people are inherently good, because people want to believe that they are inherently good. They believe something about someone else being true because that's what they believe to be true, or at least want to believe to be true, about themselves. They "project" themselves onto other people, without consideration as to whether this is a good idea or not. SJWs Always Lie challenges the concept that "other people are inherently good" by showing actual examples of events which have happened that are, at face value, something that seems stripped from the blog of some paranoid conspiracy theorist.

There is no way that people behave this way and still function, right? These stories must be missing some critical detail that rationalizes or justifies the behavior of these people, right?

Above all, I certainly haven't ever behaved like this, and am certainly not capable of this, right?

Because the criticisms of other people so often apply accurately to us because of projection, our Modern Culture has attempted to neuter certain forms of criticism as "offensive". "Political Correctness" is a means by which people are conditioned to conflate the perception of forgoing diplomatic politeness with an action of violence, and in turn that the response of onlookers and others should the same for both as well. It's a diluting of the moral weight that is supposed to distinguish between tangible wrongs and mere perceptions of wrong, and looking to use social pressure to control aberrant behavior.

SJWs Always Lie is primarily about SJWs and the way that they wield "Political Correctness" to ruins people's lives, from social gatherings to careers, and forces the reader to face the fact that sometimes people are not inherently good, and especially so when the people put on the mantle of "crusader for good". That those in the Modern Culture who are screaming the loudest for fairness and equality are the ones working hardest to undermine it. The ones demanding that tyranny and oppression be eliminated are merely seeking to replace the tyrants and oppressors with people that they like and can control. Those upset with "the system" are just dissatisfied with the hand the system dealt them, not that there was a system in the first place.

And the reader may be one of them, or have helped them, but instead of facing the embarassment and learning and answering "If this is true, what do I do now?", they'll write off the book as fiction. They'll denigrate the author as if that repudiates any of the points he raises. They'll declare that the book is offensive and "not PC". They'll do everything they can to avoid facing the reality in favor of fantasies that make them feel better.

In short, they'll lie. They'll lie to others, but worse, they'll also lie to themselves.

SJWs Always Lie is an easy to read Non-Fiction book about real occurrences and includes the appropriate response to take when you come under attack by an SJW. It's also a Rorschach test to see if you're an SJW or the Moderate that is exploited by SJWs in their crusades against "bad things". This is why it is controversial.

This book is a must-read because what it has to say about SJWs is as critical as what it will reveal about yourself, and to refer to a quote from Sun Tzu:

 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Today we fight an ideological battle on a field of philosophy, but that does not change the tactics, preparedness, and seriousness of the fight. Whether by word or by sword, our very lives hang in the balance of the outcome of our current struggles.

Read SJWs Always Lie. Know yourself and know your enemy.

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